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Mesh is Included and thanks for the meshes :3!


Love the denim skirts!

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gluttonygod asked:
There's a special place in heaven for people who make sims band shirts, i love you fine lady!


imageThanks! This is especially fitting after yesterday’s band discussion haha. I have another set of TM/TF shirts to release but I’ll add some more band tees first when I get time. School takes away all the simming time.

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Anonymous asked:
That anon's reply to you ALMOST gave me hope that people really can have intelligent conversations on Tumblr and then they threw in that insult. I thought your first post was funny, all you did was tell us your reaction to your roommate's lacking musical knowledge.


Me too, anonymous soul, me too. It was a backhanded compliment, basically calling me one of two evils. But oh well, it’s over and done with.

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Anonymous asked:
what the hell, you weren't making fun of your roommate, you were just surprised she can't tell STP from Nirvana...


Exactly. Have a virtual cookie.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everyone is as heavily into music as I am and some people honestly may not be able to distinguish between this band vs. that one.

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Anonymous asked:
very polite. I respect that. a little naive, though. Well I don't even know what's worse in this case to be a person who buys ugly phone covers with Nirvana printed on it or to be you who like this band so much that want to make fun of her roommate merchandising for a band for no reason. I don't care. It's time for me to crack open my beer and eat some grilled babies while listening to some slayer songs. See ya!


I wasn’t making fun of my roommate. In my mind, my post was entirely in good, lighthearted humor but we can end the discussion here. Have a good rest of your day/night.

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Anonymous asked:
to the first person who asked about Nirvana, if you only know their popular songs, you cant say there music was shitty. you havent listened to all of it. a band's best songs are the ones that don't get popular anyways


Most songs that get released as singles are the ones the record label thinks will be consumer and radio friendly. Thus, most singles are not a band or artist’s most meaningful work. I do agree with that.

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Anonymous asked:
What the fvck is wrong with that last anon? If they don't care about Nirvana why did they send you a message about them? Smells like a Nirvana hater


I guess they thought I was glorifying Nirvana the way a bunch of people do these days because TEH 90s I’M SO GRUNGE? I don’t know. My original post was meant to be a little humorous but maybe that wasn’t conveyed as well. I wouldn’t say that person has anything wrong with them. Maybe they just wanted to know what I thought?

I feel like there’s rarely an in-between with Nirvana. Most people either love them or hate them, and then some are indifferent.

I see what you did there.

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Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry but what's so special about Nirvana? Some guys that ruined thrash metal and wrote a bunch of shitty songs? I only know their popular hits and I myself like your friend don't know the name of every their song. Even worse I don't care much about them.


I’m not saying Nirvana is more special than any other band, I just don’t understand why she would want merchandise for a band she’s admittedly not that into and only knows the popular songs. Personally, I don’t buy band merchandise unless I truly love that band, their songs, and know the meanings behind them because I want to be sure I know who and what I am supporting. I guess since I listen to a lot of rock music, what goes through my head at a moment like this is, “How does someone mix up Kurt Cobain and Scott Weiland’s voices? They’re so different!” But hey, my roommate can do what she wants. I personally like Nirvana a lot and respect their contributions to alternative music but if you don’t like them, that’s okay too. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

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My roommate actually thought “Creep” by Stone Temple Pilots was a Nirvana song called “Half the Man I Used To Be.” She has thought this for the past 8 years.

I’m done.


Update: She bought a Nirvana phone case. It’s floral printed with NIRVANA written across it, like one of those soft grunge blog backgrounds. I like Nirvana and just discussing music in general so out of curiosity, I asked her what her favorite song is by them.

She only knows their popular hits.

Now I am super, super done.

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Funny Filming Moments with Blissful-Indigo

I had one of the background extras play piano while I was filming this scene to add some life and realism to the music store and almost everyone instantly went, “BOO! YOU SUCK!” It was pretty funny and unexpected.

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Music Store - Exterior

This is what the music store looks like now. Don’t mind the sims standing around. These were just quick and dirty pictures.

Original lot | Interior pictures

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thesillydreamer asked:
I'm so stocked for the bloom series. Are you still doing it? and when can I see episodes if so?

Yes, I am definitely still doing Bloom. I suck at posting progress updates (sorry) but I haven’t finished editing because school is kicking my butt and that takes precedence over my hobby. They’ll be posted on my YouTube channel (there’s a link on my blog) but I’ll also embed them here and on the bloomseries blog as they go up.

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Anonymous asked:
Hello, sorry to bother you, but I saw your post about '' moon effects object '' which was made by Jaydee. I've got a little problem. I have never used it before, so I don't know if it's normal or not for me on the object to have this huge purple square rather than lighting. It's really odd, and as you may have the mood, do you maybe know a solution towards this problem. I would be very graceful <3


Shucks, you’re not bothering me at all. Does the object have the purple square when you’re trying to place it? I know in the catalog, it shows up as a moon on a black square background but is transparent when you actually place it. What are your game settings on? Maybe change your lighting to “high” or turn your shadows on or off. Also, double check and make sure you downloaded the mesh, not just the light rays. I haven’t heard of that happening before so I’m sorry if I’m not much help. Let me know if any of those ideas worked for you.

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WIP - Music Store

Redecorating this lot to be a music store for the school video project I’m doing. It’s almost finished. I plan to change the windows, doors, and possibly some walls and flooring.

Seriously ready to be finished with this assignment.

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WIP - Old Apartment

I’m working on a short machinima video for an assignment and this is one of the sets. This lot is originally by Garden Breeze but I’ve made some floorplan edits and expanded it. This is also what we did in yesterday’s livestream. Thanks to those who came!

The beginning of the video is set 20 years ago and it will end in the present day if I keep this idea. I’m still on the fence about it.

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